A.D. Rose's 95th birthday celebration!

A.D. Rose’s 95th birthday celebration!PERFECT


By, Elizabeth Towell

A perfect poem for a perfect gent

I am thinking hard and won’t relent

Writing drafts until the pencil’s bent

My good ideas seem mostly spent

I fear I cannot produce my prime

How can you express so much in rhyme?

A.D. cared for each of us in time

Husband, father, grandfather sublime

Ninety-five years is really a feat

Writer and gardener ever sweet

His creations are always a treat

But it’s his loving that can’t be beat

Praise God in Heaven for this good man

Also for his ever growing clan

We know he is special in Your Plan

Helping us recall where we began.

  The 95th birthday celebration continues as we share the poems my dad received for his gift that special day.  This one was written by his daughter-in-law, Beth. Enjoy!

Kathy Williams  The Book Worm

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Dad’s Always Busy

A.D. Rose  95th Birthday Celebration

A.D. Rose 95th Birthday Celebration







By: Carmela Rose Worner

Tomatoes are red; and corn is bright yellow.
My Dad is an interesting and wonderful fellow.
He walks in his sleep, and writes, and paints, too.
When he gets tired of that he has much more to do.
He works in the garden from morning ‘til night,
Planting and watering and weeding while light.
When it’s cloudy or rainy, he sits in his chair.
He catnaps a little, then moves onto prayer.
If you ask him the secret of a long, happy life,
He just shrugs and gives credit to “my Lord and my wife.”

It seems that my father passed on his love of writing to all of his children. The above poem was written by his youngest daughter, my baby sister, Carmela. Enjoy!
Kathy Williams The Book Worm

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The Gift

A.D. Rose on his 95th birthday

A.D. Rose on his 95th birthday

Here is another poem written as a gift for my father on his 95th birthday. This one was written by my sister, Nancy. Enjoy!

The Book Worm




By, Nancy Rose Lawrence
To my Father in Heaven
who gifted to me
my father on earth,
I dearly thank Thee.
How Lord, could you know
the man I would need
to teach me and grow me
to follow Your lead?
From my youth, Your love
was expressed to me
in the warmth of my home
with my family.
Nightly prayers at my bedside
now come to mind.
Thank You God above,
so good and so kind.
To my sisters and brother
Your blessings bestow
and with my father and mother
may our love for You grow.

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Prayers For My Brother

Bob Rose

Bob Rose

My brother, who had been there to protect and watch over me all my life had
suddenly gone off to war. We prayed daily that God would bring him home safely. He would write home and it was very comforting just to see his handwriting and to hear all the adventures of his life in ‘Nam. We would write back to him, and I know he enjoyed having our letters as much as we loved getting his. My mom missed hearing his voice, so she bought 2 tape recorders. She sent one to Bob and kept the other so for a while we all got to record messages to him, and listen to the ones he’d send us in return. But then the tapes stopped coming and we didn’t hear from him for a long time. We feared the worst, and prayed even harder. Later we learned that his tape recorder had been stolen or somehow went missing. But we started getting letters from him again and breathed a sigh of relief. Unfortunately there was no such thing as the internet then…no Skype, no Face Time, and no cell phones, so we were left waiting for the mailman to bring us news of Bob.
He came home on leave once and our folks brought home McDonald’s hamburgers for dinner, because that’s what Bob was hungry for. He couldn’t get over how fresh the bread was, and how good the food tasted. We were all stunned at how many he ate in one sitting!
He came home for Christmas one year and that was a really special time for the family. It had always been a special time of year for us, but had been very lonely after Bob joined the Marines. But that one year was extremely joyous for all of us! We were all back together and so happy…until he had to leave again and go back to the war. Life carried on normally at home. My parents went to work, and my sisters and I returned to school, and as always, we continued to pray daily for his safety.

Kathy Williams The Book Worm

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Ninety-Five Words

A.D. Rose on his 95th birthday.

A.D. Rose on his 95th birthday.

The following is a poem written by A.D.’s granddaughter, on the occasion of his 95th birthday.  Enjoy!

Kathy Williams  The Book Worm






By, Kristyl Williams Boies

For ninety-five years,

With love so strong,

One rose kept blooming,

Five generations long.


Strong yet gentle,

Handsome with charm,

He found a lovely lady,

To have upon his arm.


He became a father,

Loving his rosebuds so,

Playing and laughing,

And always on the go!


He grew his family,

Teaching faith and love,

And that all things good,

Are from the Lord above.


All the rosebuds grew,

And new roses arrived,

To love and to nourish,

And so they thrived.


Now ninety-five,

He gives through prayers,

We receive great gifts,

By being his heirs.

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“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” (Mt 5:4)

A.D. & Margaret Rose

A.D. & Margaret Rose

Grief is a very difficult topic to address.  It’s a very personal issue because it’s unique to each individual.  If the person who has passed away was very close to us, the grief seems unendurable.  For every situation that causes our loved ones to die, such as accident, illness, murder, suicide, each one can add another level of grief.

But God promises us that those who mourn will be comforted.  So, who comforts us then?  Is it family, friends, or both?  Or is it God Himself?  After my brother passed away, it was my brother who comforted me.  The same brother that used to protect me from neighborhood bullies.  He was the same brother that used to tickle me senseless.  The same brother who helped me with math and any other problems I had.

It was my brother who wrapped his invisible arm around my shoulders when I was inconsolable after his death.  He was allowed by God to reach between this world and the next to comfort his grieving sister.  Imagine then, how much more amazing was the comfort that he brought to our parents.  They were with him when he was first diagnosed, and they were with him during the long seven month struggle as his health continued to deteriorate.  They were with him right up until the bitter end.

“Messages From The Other Side”, is the very touching story of my brother’s battle with cancer.  But it also reveals the messages received by my father during my brother’s long illness, as well as the messages he and my mother both received after my brother’s death.  This book is for anyone who has ever lost a loved one and provides much comfort within its pages.


Kathy Williams  The Bookworm

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This past Sunday, as many family members as possible, gathered to celebrate my father’s 95th birthday.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!








Today, June 10th, is my brother’s birthday.  He would have been 67.  The photo below was taken by my younger sister, Carmela, as our parent’s visited Bob’s grave on Memorial Day, 2015.

A.D. & Margaret Rose visiting Bob's grave

A.D. & Margaret Rose visiting Bob’s grave






Kathy Williams  The Book Worm

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