So We Would Remember

A.D. Rose

A.D. Rose

By, Justin Lawrence

The War to end all wars,
or so they said.
Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover
Kickin’ Jazz Rhythms and
the French wanted to be Americans.
The Stock Market was invincible
And buy real estate in Florida.

Farmers told a different story.
Withered crops and mortgages foreclosed.
New York had its speakeasies.
Texas had drought.
In a day the country changed.

Hunger. Unemployment.
FDR had a New Deal.
WPA and the Tennessee Valley
The Hoover Dam and
No more wars, please.
Al Capone, Machine Gun Kelly
John Dillinger and
J. Edgar Hoover.

Hitler had a coup d’etat
the Night of the Long Knife
Aktung 4 and actung Juden!

“It’s not my war,” we said.

Until the date that lived in infamy
Pearl Harbor and the thousands massacred.
America marched.

And they came home heroes
The Greatest Generation

They saw the signs on the gates
of the death camps
“Arbeit Macht Freis”
They left them for you and me
so we’d remember.

Hope you all enjoy this poem written by Justin Lawrence, grandson to A.D. Rose for his 95th birthday celebration.

Kathy Williams The Book Worm

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Happy 93rd Birthday, Mom!


By, Danielle Forrest


I reluctantly watch the seed take hold of my soul.

As it grows, it anchors me to the ground and nourishes me with knowledge.

This opens my mind to possibility.

It fills my eyes with hope.

While the seed continues to flourish, the roots extend my sight to yours.

The roots twist around inside me, tying your past to my future.

All the generations before me course through my veins defining me, guiding me.

As they wind their way around my heart, I feel my very being grow beyond my thoughts.

My thoughts become love, which push the delicate tendrils beyond me.

I can feel my future growing with every previous generation’s embrace.

I’m blessed with the knowledge that I’m more than just myself.

I’m part of something so intensely beautiful, it cannot be experienced alone.

I’m part of a family.

All the strength and love of the generations before and the generations to come give me the courage to bloom.

I am a Rose.


A.D. & Margaret Rose are authors of “We Experienced Miracles in Lubbock”, but they are also the most wonderful and amazing parents, grandparents, great grandparents as well as great great grandparents!
Happy 93rd birthday, Mom!

Kathy Williams  The Book Worm

A.D. & Margaret Rose

A.D. & Margaret Rose

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We Experienced Miracles in Lubbock

“We Experienced Miracles in Lubbock”

This book was written by my parent’s, A.D. & Margaret Rose, about the Marian apparitions at the St. John Neuman Catholic church in Lubbock, TX.
Along with interviews from people who were present at the first apparition, there are testimonies of spiritual and physical healings of people from all over the country. Although my parent’s didn’t start making the pilgrimage to Lubbock until 1990, my mother tells of her own personal healing that took place in 1993 at the home of Mary Constancio, one of the three Marian messengers, and her husband, Henry Constancio.
This is a very touching book full of love and hope from our Blessed Mother. Originally published as “Miracles Still Happen in Lubbock”, it has been updated and republished under the new name of, “We Experienced Miracles in Lubbock.” If interested, you can find it at in paperback or as an e book for your Kindle.

Kathy Williams The Book Worm

Book cover

Book cover

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Birthday Poem

Jenn Vigil reading her poem to Grandpa

Jenn Vigil reading her poem to Grandpa

By, Jennifer Vigil

Bananas, peanut butter, and honey
Smashed to perfection for our tummies

Zucchinis, cucumbers, and tomatoes
Awaiting our arrival on the patio table

A desk full of writing materials
A closet full of hats

I think one time Grandpa had a cat

A Flowerbed fit for a queen.
My grandpa was never mean.

A love for all living things
Mostly God, his wife, and family

Out of all the houses on the block
55 Duke Street will always stand out
A gentle soul that I will always hold

Just my Grandpa.

This poem is from the 95th birthday celebration given for my father, A.D. Rose, and written by his granddaughter, my niece, Jennifer Vigil. Enjoy!
Kathy Williams The Book Worm

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New title by A.D. Rose & Margaret Rose

New title by A.D. Rose & Margaret Rose

We Experienced Miracles in Lubbock is the latest title now available by A.D. Rose & Margaret Rose, and can be found at   It will also be available on soon.  Get your copy now!

Kathy Williams  The Book Worm

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Janette Ackerman reading poem to Grandpa

Janette Ackerman reading poem to Grandpa

By, Janette Ackerman

Garden dripped in dew
Mud between my toes
Tomatoes, red in hue
And then I lost a shoe
Sinking in the mud
Where it goes,
I don’t know
Left my shoe in the garden
Long ago on Hollywood

Went to Yellowstone
I was warm
But it was cold!
Saw a moose mom
Leave us alone
says moose mom!
So many places
Learned so much
Family faces
Homey spaces
Where does the time go?
Uncle Bob
Chicago was a favorite place
Alabama a friendly space
Table tennis, a banjo, a pool, and dogs
Riding a corvette (he didn’t have a hog)!
Found some fossils, where Bob worked
Looked through a telescope
Magic in the world
A favorite person lost
Beautiful memories
Never forgot

This poem, written by my niece, Janette Ackerman, is part of the collection of poems written to celebrate my father’s 95th birthday.

Kathy Williams The Book Worm

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COMING SOON! “We Experienced Miracles in Lubbock” is the title of the next book by A.D. Rose & Margaret Rose, and soon to be published by CreateSpace! This book will be the 2nd Edition of “Miracles Still Happen in Lubbock”.
Stay tuned to The Book Worm to learn the exact publishing date! You don’t want to miss this one.

Kathy Williams The Book Worm

A.D. & Margaret Rose

A.D. & Margaret Rose

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