Happy Thanksgiving!

Margaret & A.D. Rose

Margaret and A.D. Rose

Just a year ago at this time my sister, Nancy and I were working feverishly to get my father’s first book, “Rose’s Ramblings”, ready to be published.  It was to be the biggest Christmas surprise ever for our parents.  Since then two more books have been published, “Messages From the Other Side”, and “We Experienced Miracles in Lubbock”.

It’s been quite a year!  Not only because of the book publishing but everything else that has been going on in the family.  This year we’ve also celebrated my father’s 95th birthday, as well as my mother’s 93rd birthday and their 68th wedding anniversary.  Those were the happiest moments of the year.  In early July my husband, Blair underwent knee surgery.  The next day three Great Danes jumped the fence into our yard and attacked our small dog, Skipper.  Three weeks later Skipper’s life came to an end and grief and mourning took over.  Not long after our mother turned 93 she fell and broke her shoulder.  To make matters worse, my husband is facing another knee replacement surgery in just a couple of weeks.

Life is full of ups and downs, and they say you have to take the bad with the good.  And so we try to focus on the positive side and carry on.  The bad stuff can really weigh a body down especially during the holidays.  It’s not always easy to look at the bright side.

But Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks.  Maybe our lives aren’t perfect.  Maybe we’ve had more problems throughout the year than we can shake a stick at.  Maybe we’re facing even more problems in our future than we’d like.  Even so, we have to be grateful and count our blessings.  Once you start counting blessings, you might find you have more good things in your life to be grateful for than you thought.  As Bing Crosby sang in one of the Christmas movies he made…”If you’re worried and cannot sleep, count your blessings instead of sheep, and you’ll fall asleep counting your blessings.”

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Kathy Williams  The Book Worm

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Happy Veteran’s Day!

A.D. Rose

A.D. Rose

Bob Rose

Bob Rose







Blair and his K-9 dog Apollo

Blair and his K-9 dog Apollo



Several members of the Rose family have served during war time, as well as in times of peace.  My father, A.D. Rose, was enlisted in the Army Air Corps during World War II.  He writes about his military exploits in his book, “Messages From the Other Side”.

My brother, Bob Rose, served during the Vietnam War.  I was just a kid in high school during that time.  I remember when he came home from boot camp after he joined the Marines.  He looked so handsome in his military uniform.  We were all very proud of him.  But we were also very worried about him when he left for Vietnam.

Quite a few years later after Bob was safely home from the war, my husband joined the Air Force while the Vietnam War was still raging on.

The military life is not easy on the family of the service member.  I remember when my husband joined the Air Force.  We hadn’t been married for very long and there we were facing our first separation while he went through Basic Training in San Antonio, TX.  I was so overwhelmed with sadness at the thought of being away from him.  Six weeks seemed like an eternity to me.  To make things worse, the Vietnam War was still going on and I was scared of losing him forever.

We had both quit our minimum wage jobs and I went off to stay with my parent’s for the length of time he would be in Basic.  I was one very miserable young wife, and I made everyone around me miserable too.

After a few weeks my parent’s decided to take an early vacation.  They always went to Pittsburg, TX to visit relatives every year.  Texas is a BIG state but they went out of their way to go to San Antonio, helped me to get set up in an efficiency apartment, bought me groceries to live on for a while, and took me to the Base to see my husband for a few minutes.  They drove me back to my new apartment and as they were saying goodbye, my mother told me, “Don’t EVER come back home unless your husband is with you!”  I thought she was just joking, but she says she was totally serious.

Even though I couldn’t go visit my husband except on weekends, I was a lot happier just being closer to him.  These days, I can only imagine the separation anxiety that the service members family faces during long months of separation from their loved ones.

My family and I prayed every single night for Bob’s safe return and our prayers were answered.  After my husband joined the military my constant prayer for him was that he would be stationed somewhere where I could be with him…somewhere safely away from Vietnam.  Those prayers were answered too.  He was stationed in Germany and that’s where we were when we heard the news that the Vietnam War had ended.  He served out the rest of his Air Force career during peace time.

So to  all military members and their families, thank you for your service and your sacrifices!  I pray for all of you every day.

Kathy Williams  The Book Worm

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Birthday Poems

Blair reading poem to Grandpa

Blair reading poem to Grandpa

Kathy reading poem

Kathy reading poem

Happy 95th, Daddy!

Happy 95th, Daddy!

Here are the last two poems the family wrote for my father’s 95th birthday celebration. Hope you enjoy them!

Kathy Williams The Book Worm
By, Blair Williams
Moments to cherish. A.D. is ninety-five today.
As family and well-wishers wish him a HOORAY!
We celebrate an accomplishment, we never get old.
We talk about “yesterday,” of stories untold.
As you reminisce the past, with your tales and wisdom.
We celebrate your birthday, many years with a sum.
So today is the day, that has made history.
We wish you Happy Birthday. Really, how old are we?
By, Kathy Rose Williams
Gardener, writer, father of four
Raising these children with the wife he adores.
While roses abound outside their doors.
Trees and vegetables extraordinaire,
They all flourish under his care.
Kids, grands and greats all gather around,
While the stories he tells keeps us spellbound.
He tells of life long ago when he was a boy.
And enlightens us all about farm work and chores,
While keeping us enthralled with family lore.
Pie is his all time favorite of treats, any flavor will do.
Just pass him a slice and he’ll thank you!
Loving and caring to all that he meets,
He is far sweeter than the pies that he eats.


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Christmas is Coming!

A.D. & Margaret Rose

A.D. & Margaret Rose

For those of you who might be looking for an extra special Christmas gift for your favorite bookworm, you might consider these titles written by A.D. and Margaret Rose.
“Rose’s Ramblings” is a compilation of short stories and poems that would be sure to please anyone. These were written over the past 70 years by my favorite author, A.D. Rose.
“Messages from the Other Side” was written by A.D. Rose and his wife, Margaret Rose. Messages were imparted to A.D. Rose foretelling of the death of their only son. During their deepest grief, more messages came to him. One such message came as a song in the night that required both he and Margaret to decipher, and proved to them that there is life after death.
“We Experienced Miracles in Lubbock” written by A.D. Rose and his wife, Margaret Rose is a detailed accounting of the Marian apparition site at the St. John Neumann church in Lubbock, TX. Not only do they write about the miracles that others experienced there, but they also tell of their own experiences and the miracle of healings that Margaret received.
All of their books are available in print and in the Kindle version atAmazon.com.

Kathy Williams The Book Worm

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Getting Old is Not Easy

Mom & Dad

Mom & Dad


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Book Worm Blog

Dad Visiting Mom at Hospital   The past few weeks have been a tad crazy for the Rose family.  We celebrated my mother’s 93rd birthday and a week later she fell and broke her arm in 3 places.  She had a cold at the time, so surgery to repair her arm was put off for a week until she was over the cold and all antibiotics were out of her system.  The surgery went well, and she was released from the hospital 3 days later.  Since then she’s been trying to learn how to do things one handed.  With the help of her physical and occupational therapists, she is becoming more independent again.

The family has pitched in and are helping out however necessary.  My sister, Carmela, who is also their own private nurse, has been taking excellent care of them around the clock.  Her daughter’s Jennifer and Janette have been a godsend to all of them.

The morning after my mom was released from the hospital, my 95 year old father fell.  Thankfully he didn’t break any bones, but was left with some bruises.  At the time, Carmela was getting ready to take our dad to a doctor’s appointment.  My dad called out to her and to my mom, but no one heard him.  He finally managed to get himself up off the front porch where he had fallen.

Jennifer’s daughter, Lizzie, fell at school one day last week and sprained her ankle.   My husband, Blair, almost fell while harvesting our garden.  This falling bit seems to be contagious!

I’ve been so preoccupied with all that’s going on in my family I completely forgot to post a blog for the last couple of weeks.  So here it is at long last.  This is the poem my grandson wrote for his great grandfather’s 95th birthday.  Enjoy!


Kathy Williams  The Book Worm



By, Ben Sanchez


With age comes wisdom,

With wisdom comes understanding,

With understanding comes security,

With security comes love.


Although our bodies might weaken,

Our spirits only strengthen,

Our minds become enlightened,

And our hearts grow with love.


Grandpa, you are so amazing,

And sweeter than a parfait,

May this day bring a joyous

Part of your birthday.

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So We Would Remember

A.D. Rose

A.D. Rose

By, Justin Lawrence

The War to end all wars,
or so they said.
Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover
Kickin’ Jazz Rhythms and
the French wanted to be Americans.
The Stock Market was invincible
And buy real estate in Florida.

Farmers told a different story.
Withered crops and mortgages foreclosed.
New York had its speakeasies.
Texas had drought.
In a day the country changed.

Hunger. Unemployment.
FDR had a New Deal.
WPA and the Tennessee Valley
The Hoover Dam and
No more wars, please.
Al Capone, Machine Gun Kelly
John Dillinger and
J. Edgar Hoover.

Hitler had a coup d’etat
the Night of the Long Knife
Aktung 4 and actung Juden!

“It’s not my war,” we said.

Until the date that lived in infamy
Pearl Harbor and the thousands massacred.
America marched.

And they came home heroes
The Greatest Generation

They saw the signs on the gates
of the death camps
“Arbeit Macht Freis”
They left them for you and me
so we’d remember.

Hope you all enjoy this poem written by Justin Lawrence, grandson to A.D. Rose for his 95th birthday celebration.

Kathy Williams The Book Worm

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